The Living Hope & Healing Foundation collaborates with Jimmie Holman and Wm. Lee Cowden, MD and others for the continued research and advancements in technology and quality of life issues for those with autism, lyme, cancer, neuro-degenerative, neuro-muscular, and other chronic illnesses, and education for health, wholeness, and wellness. We provide funds for individuals who qualify for health related financial assistance.

Jimmie Holman, with Pulsed Technologies and on the advisory board to the Living Hope & Healing Foundation, is currently involved in on-going research and critical development in each of these areas of interest. While not necessarily apparent, each of these areas has the common thread of being addressed with the similar resonant frequency and plasma equipment utilizing waveform characteristics incorporated into and often unique to Pulsed Technologies instruments. In some cases the information being developed with strategic partners is still considered proprietary while in others public feedback under controlled conditions is proving invaluable for more detailed research.