People are most fulfilled by contributing. Where there is a need for improved development opportunities for persons with mental, physical, emotional needs or where people are situated in areas of deficient educational opportunity, The Living Hope & Healing Foundation seeks to help advance use of each individual's talents to their fullest potential. Our programs will establish goals with measurable attainment objectives designed to encourage in each person a realization of their ability to contribute and achieve in some way that is most appropriate to their capabilities and circumstances. Spiritual growth and development is essential for personal development and overall health, wholeness and wellness. This is achieved through teaching, counseling, and other local and international outreaches.

Educational Programs

We are currently developing educational programs with several contributors.

Spiritual Development

Satisfy the thirsty soul. Strengthen the weak.
Rebuild past ruins. Raise up generations.
Repair broken hearts. Restore the lost.


Blessed Hope Champions Academy, an orphanage founded by Pastor Joel Bukenya in East Africa, is located in Uganda. It has about 300+ children who live at the orphanage which has been funded by private contributions. These children have lost one or both parents from the AIDS epidemic or from past civil wars. There are twenty-two teachers and staff at the Academy as of 2014. The children are taught a Christian-based education in a spiritual climate by teachers who are university trained and government certified. Additional students attend a near-by secondary school. Their most current projects include a new academic building, a medical clinic for the Academy and the surrounding community, a chicken farm to provide a sustainable income for the orphanage and staff, and educate students interested in poultry farming, and vegetable farming where the children learn to plant, care for, and harvest crops.

Dong-Hang School in China is for the handicapped and orphaned children. Jin-Mo Hur and Yi-Na Choi opened a school for handicapped children and an orphanage. They have been operating the "Dong- Hang" school since Oct 10th of 2011. The school is located in a rural area called Ji-Mook in the outskirt of the city of Ching-Dao in China. There are 12 staff members which consist of 3 special education teachers, 2 regular teachers, 4 staffs for room and board, 1 administrator, the founders, Jin-Mo Hur and Yi-Na Choi.

Many are in such a serious condition that most do not speak and also lack social skills. It takes about 6 months for them to begin to open up and have taken up to 3 years for them to respond to the various educational efforts provided for them. The education can provide them the opportunity to come in contact with the outside world and enable them to be a part of the society by teaching them to interact with their environment and become independent. The education process plants in them the sense of purpose gained by knowing the Heavenly Father His purpose in their lives.

The name of the school, "Dong-Hang", means "to travel together." The school was named as such because it is not by any man, but by having the Lord Jesus as the master of the school in spreading the hope and the joy found in Him. Although they lived a life that lacks human dignity and rights by being rejected and ignored by people, they can pay back to the same people that hurt them with the love of Christ expressed by the life full of hope and value that can be established only by the seed of life found in the Gospel. The school wants to be the place where seed is planted in the hearts of children.

Other Orpanages around the world

We are currently compiling a list of orpahages to support.

Humanitarian Programs

We are currently compiling a list of Humanitarian programs to support.