Our programs are centered on three core areas, Health, Personal Development and Environment.

  • Health

    We focus on health, wholeness and wellness for the spirit, soul and body by means of interventions with integrative and alternative medicine, research and development, educational and training programs, environmental health solutions with global outreaches. This unique approach to integrative and holistic medicine exists in a fully functioning and operating clinic in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas-based center is used as a template for complimenting medical interventions, clinics and hospitals with state of the art communication, laser and light technologies.

  • Personal Development

    People are most fulfilled by contributing. Where there is a need for improved development opportunities for persons with mental, physical, emotional needs or where people are situated in areas of deficient educational opportunity, The Living Hope & Healing Foundation seeks to help advance use of each individual's talents to their fullest potential. Our programs will establish goals with measurable attainment objectives designed to encourage in each person a realization of their ability to contribute and achieve in some way that is most appropriate to their capabilities and circumstances.
    Spiritual growth and development is essential for personal development and overall health, wholeness and wellness. This is achieved through teaching, counseling, and other local and international outreaches.

  • Environment

    Many toxins released to the atmosphere and terrestrial water bodies create health risks by introducing carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds. We advance economically sustainable solutions that will reduce introduction of damaging toxic impurities into the environment.