Through the expression of art and music, people experience hope and healing for themselves and for others.

Studies have shown that art heals by changing a person's physiology and attitude. Art and music change the body's physiology from stress and fear to relaxation and inspiration. Art and music affect a person's brain wave patterns, hormonal balance, neurotransmitters, autonomic nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, immune system and blood flow to organs.

Neurophysiologists have found that art, prayer, and healing are associated with similar brain wave patterns and mind body changes, which are deeply connected in feeling and meaning. Art and music change a person's perceptions and outlook on life, attitude, emotional state and help people with life challenges.

Artistic expression can be a means of personal transformation, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The Living Hope & Healing Foundation recognizes the creative art therapists, the art and artists who represent this. click here to contact creative art therapist, Ericha Scott, PhD

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