We focus on health, wholeness and wellness for the spirit, soul and body by means of interventions with integrative and alternative medicine, research and development, educational and training programs, environmental health solutions with global outreaches. This unique approach to integrative and holistic medicine exists in a fully functioning and operating clinic in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas-based center is used as a template for complimenting medical interventions, clinics and hospitals with state of the art communication, laser and light technologies. We provide funds for individuals who qualify for health related financial assistance.


The Living Hope & Healing Foundation is affiliated with clinics in various locations. The Center for Holistic Healing in Dallas, TX provides a unique approach to integrative and alternative healthcare. The clinic provides lymphatic therapies, massage and muscle activation therapies. It uniquely provides electro-magnetic therapies, laser, light, and frequency technologies for allergens, vaccine injury, detoxification, heavy metal, chemical, and drug toxicities. The Dallas clinic provides unique spiritual and mental-emotional assistance for individuals who have experienced personal traumas. It endeavors to embrace every person experiencing health challenges by integrating the spirit, soul and body to restore well-being for the whole person and by providing education leading to physio-emotional healing. We offer therapies using state of the art technologies and modalities, and collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of therapists and research professionals to provide a well-rounded plan of care. www.holistichealingjs.com

LHHF is affiliated with a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles, California who provides a unique approach to traumas, abuse, personal, social and family conflicts. Please click to email Ginny.

LHHF collaborates with integrative practitioners and physicians throughout the United States and in other countries who provide alternative and integrative therapies.

Training Programs